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Delcan - Our Team

Declan O’Toole

Broker, SelectRE
Managing Partner, GB Property Management

Declan O’Toole is an accomplished real estate broker with a strong background in marketing and exceptional skills in guiding transactions through to close. With more than twelve years of experience in the Boston real estate market, Declan is familiar with all types of real estate product, markets, circumstances and a myriad of financial arrangements & contractual situations. He has succeeded by providing a diverse range of real estate services, seeing opportunities where others do not. Declan has also ran a very successful property management portfolio and comes very well reviewed as a property manager.

Shane - Our Team

Shane Hayes

Managing Partner/Business Systems Manager, GB Property Management

Coming soon!

Tom - Our Team

Tom Kwaitkowski

President of Leasing, GB Property Management

One of the top 10 agents in all of Boston in terms of gross dollar amount leased, Tom’s finance background gives him the edge to work deals creatively in order to create a “win-win” scenario for all parties involved.


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